Dr. Peter Moloney

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In Berlin 1914

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Travel documents here witness silently to Peter's presence in Berlin; his stay was to end with a rush to safety just days before hostilities began with declaration of war on August 4, 1914. Peter went there with Fr. Henry Carr, C.S.B., his lifelong friend, to improve his German. Having learned it during childhood from the Grawey family, he would eventually need formal training in order to be able to read German scientific publications.

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Why I am a Catholic

Dr. Peter Joseph Moloney, Ph. D., LL.D., O.B.E., F.R.S.C., has made internationally recognized contributions to chemical and immunochemical research, leading to improvement in the field of medicine. In this little book he draws upon science and the Christian Faith in his reflections upon human life.


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I remember on one occasion Banting came into the Lab to take blood from a rabbit which had been injected with insulin..."

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Peter Joseph Moloney was born in Penetanguishene, Ontario, on 29 June 1891; on 12 August 1989, he died in Toronto. When he was two years old his father purchased the Queen's Hotel in Powassan, Ontario, and moved his family to the town of which Peter was to say in an extreme old age, “I can almost claim to be still a citizen of Powassan.”

His formal education began when he was five in Powassan’s two-room two-teacher elementary school of that period. Since the district was then without a high school, a local teacher conducted a “Continuation School” at which Moloney studied a number of high school subjects. At sixteen he registered at St. Michael’s College, Toronto. There he completed studies preliminary to matriculation and then passed into the degree programme of the University of Toronto as a member of one of the first St. Michael’s classes to do so.

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Letters from Dr. P. J. Moloney to Gaston Ramon, the great French scientist who discovered the vaccine for diphtheria, have been added. These three letters illustrate their collaboration and friendship.


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In Prayer

virgincandchild2As a man of faith, Dr. Peter Moloney prayed often. He was known to pray the Hail Mary in English, Latin, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Gaelic, and Arabic.

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