Dr. Peter Moloney

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Faith over Evolution

Creation-of-AdamPerhaps some people might think that Peter Moloney's faith must have been shaken by science. Did he believe in evolution? He knew a great deal of what is said about evolution, but he also knew that the theories have not been proven. And real science demands proof. In Why I am a Catholic, Moloney wrote: "Evolution is full of unproved theory, and this is admitted by those who are most knowledgeable, since the theory is constantly being changed.

Further on in the same book, he says, "Why is evolution so readily accepted? For some, evolution induces or confirms a disbelief in future life and in the existence of God. If the only reality is here and now, then one becomes one's own master, and to no one must an account be given for the conduct of life. Here we are, rational men and women, who can discuss evolution and the problems it suggests. We cannot believe that we were tossed up by random chance. No, it was by the Intelligence and Providence of God the Creator of the universe, that life appeared on our planet, the Earth, life with its marvelous unfolding in plants and animals.

"Millions of men and women the world over have a firm belief in a future life and in God. Christians, however, have a firm foundation for belief; Christ is seen through his witnesses, the Apostles. The Christian is still touched by the peace Christ brought, by His mercy, by His healing. St. Peter, the Apostle, says, 'Through Him you are believers in God' (1 Peter 1:21)."

"In the spirit of St. Paul I can say: 'I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed, and I am sure that He is able to guard until that Day what has been entrusted to me'" (1 Tim 1:12).

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